This November’s quickly become a throwaway month. Heads have been kept low for the last couple of weeks and here we are, halfway finished. Halloween has left most of us here at the Local tired and things have popped up to keep us busy. Mainly, we’re keeping warm and keeping the calorie count up before the ground turns to rusted iron.

This coming week, we’re shooting for a M/W/F update and we’ll get back to a five-day schedule next week. Both Weird Jon, the Atomic Mystery Monster and myself have been caught up with new holes to dig. But the dirt is settling and we should be back on track soon.

So here’s the “Cold Graves, Warm Hearts Music Gift Drive 2009.” This December marks the fifth year that I’ve compiled an annual Christmas mix to help me and a friends get through the holidays. Though the pockets are a little lighter this time around, I still like to share and give back with the season. If you would like a copy mailed to you, send your mailing address to me at Strange Jason AT gravediggerslocal dot com. Also, if you have suggestions for this year’s mix, I’m always open to new music.

I’ll take requests until Midnight on November 30th. If you want to receive something in the mail this Christmas, send away. Your address won’t be given over to any solicitors – we at the Local won’t do you wrong like that. This is about giving gifts and helping each other through what is often both a joyous and miserable time of year.

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