Reading Suggestion

I’m close to Providence, so it makes sense to bust out the Lovecraft this time of year. Everything is soggy, gray and cold. I suggest you to do the same. Granted, history will show that he was a racist, classist and misogynistic. We can’t forget that. But he died in near poverty so take that a bit of justice when you read (or listen to) some of his stories.

Do you have a particular horror author you’d like to suggest? Algernon Blackwood? Some from the Splatterpunk set?

One response to “Reading Suggestion

  1. Weird Jon December 2, 2009 at 3:41 am

    To be fair, Lovecraft stopped being a racist in his final years. It doesn't excuse the racist crap in his old work, but it is nice to know that he eventually came around.Oh, and get this: Back when he'd go off into racist rants, his wife would always point out that he was married to an Eastern European Jew.

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