The Return of Horror Trivia

Back when the 1998 American Godzilla movie was announced, Sid Pink tried to get funding for a sequel to or remake of Reptilicus by commissioning some CGI test images.

Curse of the Puppetmaster was originally supposed to be the first entry in the proposed Puppet Wars trilogy, in which Toulon’s puppets battling a mummy and other classic monsters. However, money issues resulting in the film being turned into a Sssssss clone.

Modified versions of the title character of The Crater Lake Monster, an alien from Laserblast and the Beetleman from Flesh Gordon appeared in a short motion simulator ride film called Monster Planet.

Speaking of the Beetleman, the model used in Flesh Gordon is a recreation of one of the models used in Pete Peterson’s Beetleman test footage. This footage, along with Peterson’s The Las Vegas Monster test footage, appears in the special features portion of the DVD release of The Black Scorpion.

Most horror fans know that some models from the lost spider pit scene from the original King Kong were reused in The Black Scorpion, but many don’t know some props from that scene were used as set dressing in the film Genius at Work.

Anyone who has seen The Pit has probably wondered what the deal was with the Trogs and whether or not Teddy was really alive or not. As it turns out, the film was originally supposed to make it clear that it was all just in the protagonist’s imagination, but that got changed during production.

For some strange reason, Don Post Studios actually made a licensed Syngenor mask back in the day. That’s right up there with the official The Incredible Melting Man makeup kit.

It’s been said that the dragon from Toho’s Princess from the Moon is actually the Nessie prop from the never-realized Toho/Hammer co-production of the same name.

The Incredible Petrified World was originally supposed to have a monster in it, but the costume shrank during transport to the filming location. Although they found someone who kind of fit into it, the resulting footage was so terrible-looking that it was removed from the film. Considering the “quality” of Jerry Warren movies, that’s saying something!

Monarch Books published novelizations of Gorgo, Konga and Reptilicus that are infamous for the sex scenes inserted into the plots in order to pad out the page count. At the same time, Charlton Comics published Gorgo, Reptilicus and Konga comic books. Apparently Charlton got sick of paying licensing fees for Reptilicus, because they altered his design, changed his coloration and renamed the series Reptisaurus the Terrible.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood was originally supposed to be Freddy vs. Jason, but the idea was dropped when Paramount and New Line couldn’t reach an agreement.

Jon Mikl Thor, star of Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare and Zombie Nightmare once appeared as a feature in an indie comic book. Years later, he would appear in two other comic books devoted to him.

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