About GdL16

Gravediggers Local 16 (GdL16) is a site dedicated to digging up the odd, strange, spooky and fun. Writers Weird Jon, Strange Jason, Atomic Mystery Monster and the The Abominable N. Oremac update with what findings they happen to come across when travelling this bizarre world of ours. The Front Office chimes in with happenings relevant to this branch of the union, while keeping tabs on the different cast of characters that float around.

With a bevy of reviews of music, movies and miscellanea under its belt, GdL16 aims to be a reliable source for all things weird and strange. If you have something (music, movies, etc) that you would like the staff at Gravediggers Local 16 to look over, send a letter to the Front Office. We’d love to give a listen to your band, a view of your movie or a run of your game, drink recipe or products sold on Etsy.

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