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Costume Crazyness 2010

Back when Weird Jon wrote “Son of Shameless Cross Promotion,” he had no idea that the “Costume Crazyness” series would be dropped from URBMN the very next year due to changes in the site’s format and would be moved to Gravedigger’s Local 16. Neither did I, for that matter, but the site had changed so much since then and both the owner and I agreed that it would make more sense over here, Sadly, this happened after I had written my update for the Halloween countdown and what little free time I had was soon devoured by other things. So rather than disappoint fans of the series by not doing a 2010 installment I decided to post it in November, just like a Halloween episode for any given animated comedy series on Fox. But enough about that, let’s get to the knock-offs and other assorted costume oddities!

Holy crap, they made a Pai Mei knock-off? That’s…pretty cool, actually. It’s a shame they referred to a Chinese character as a Japanese “sensei” rather than the proper “sifu.” They also lose style points for not calling it a Bak Mei costume.

Scream knock-offs? That is so 1996. I am somewhat impressed by the fact that the last one is also a knock-off of Ex Mortis’ Stalkarounds. You rarely see something rip off two different costumes at the same time.

This is just a “Ragga Muffin Sailor” costume and not Raggedy Andy. Right…

I’ll give the manufacturer of this “Killer Mechanic” costume credit, they didn’t go out of their way to make the picture look like Michael Myers in any way. But the style of those coveralls (and the fact that nobody ever dresses up as a killer mechanic) give the game away. The same can’t be said for this “Overalls” costume, though.

Speaking of coveralls, this is the weirdest Jason costume I’ve ever seen. The bell bottom pants, the disproportionate arms and head, the mullet… this is like a live action representation of what would happen if David Gonterman tried drawing Jason Voorhees.

This “Pop Angel” wig irks me. If you already make a wig that looks like Lady Gaga’s hairstyle, why not release it as is and let her fans make the obvious connection. Do they really think people would be too dumb to not notice the similarity without the stupid name?

While we’re on the subject of wigs, let’s move along to this “Sexy Blues Singer” wig that’s clearly supposed to be Amy Winehouse. Can she really be called a blues singer? Or “sexy,” for that matter? I thought the term “sexy” had a restraining order against Winehouse. At least this “Rehab” wig is more accurate.

Hoo hoo, I invented knock-off masks Robin. Tell ’em Fred!

That half a shark is eating Con Bro Chill! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Why would anyone want, let alone need, “Billy Bob Werewolf Teeth?”

The name of this costume is astoundingly accurate.

Um, what?

What a lazy Papa Smurf costume picture. They really couldn’t spring fore some blue face paint and gloves? I mean, even that kids’ Michael Myers knock-off I discussed earlier managed to do that.

This isn’t a costume, it’s a t-shirt and novelty skirt. Oh, and anyone who has “Secret Wishes” about Spongebob Squarepants needs serious help.

I think I just discovered where Early Cuyler buys his hats. Hell yeah!

What’s wrong with this Snooki costume (Besides the fact that Jersey Shore costumes exist)? For starters, it’s thin. It desperately needs a fat suit (or a gift certificate to an all-you-can buffet) and a can of orange house paint if it wants to be an accurate Snooki costume.

What’s the biggest problem with this “sexy” Avatar costume? Well, aside from the Na’vi not being sexy, the design for this costume is exactly the same for the kid’s Avatar costume.

Is it too soon to joke about this?

Best. King. Kong. Knock-off. Ever!

It boggles my mind that American Greetings would be okay someone making sexy Strawberry Shortcake costumes. There’s a Beepo the Clown joke to be made about this, but I don’t have the heart to do it. Oh, and that last link? EXTREMELY NSFW.

What’s a Halloween without costumes based on hurtful ethnic stereotypes? Highly desired but sadly always out of reach. What’s next, a “Moneylender” costume?

I know toy companies often put out “battle damaged” versions of characters as an easy way to pad out a toy line, but since when did costume companies get in on the act?

The product description for the “You In Bed With A Hot Blonde” costume says “This might be the only way you can score on Halloween night.” They’re being too generous, as wearing this will guarantee that you won’t get laid that night (if ever). Come to think of it, this will also guarantee very difficult trips to the bathroom.

This Article is Dedicated in Loving Memory of Con Bro Chill

Linger Longer V: Costume Lazyness

Despite being from 1998, the comments in this ClassicOnA upload regarding “wacky” topical Halloween costumes are still as true today as they were then:

As is always the case for “Linger Longer” entries, these videos are NSFW!

Gemora Greatness

In honor of Asian Heritage Month, let’s take a look at the life and works of legendary gorilla suit maker/actor Charles Gemora.

Charles “Charlie” Gemora was born on August 15th, 1903 in the Philippines. Stowing away on a ship headed for America, Gemora arrived in California and made money selling portraits on the street in front of Universal Studios. His talent was quickly noticed and he was soon working in the special effects department. This led to his first onscreen role in 1928, a role that became a defining part of his career: a gorilla.

Charles Gemora’s goal of creating the ultimate gorilla costume made him the go-to guy in Hollywood for those looking for realistic depictions of gorillas, while those looking for more monstrous gorillas went to Ray “Crash” Corrigan (and later to his protégé/successor, Steve Calvert) and George Barrows. Back in those days, studios would often hire gorilla suit suit actors since they came with their own suits are were less expensive than building a new suit from scratch. These men often went uncredited in an attempt to make audiences think that the onscreen gorillas were real (as was common with many horror films of the time). Gemora’s costumes often made use of muscle padding and his “water bag” invention, which created the illusion of rippling stomach muscles, so it’s understandable that some studios would be tempted to advertise them as the real deal. One film, the infamous hoax documentary Ingagi, even tried to pass off scenes of Gemora in costume as documentary footage! However, this (and many other outlandish claims made by the risqué fauxumentary) were exposed in an official investigation.

His reputation as a gorilla suit actor was so great that rumors claiming that he originally played King Kong started circulating! Many just couldn’t accept that anything other than a man in a suit could have created what they saw onscreen, despite the fact that Kong was created using stop-motion animation (along with a large fake hand and mechanical bust for certain close-ups). Soon the rumors started saying that Gemora himself made the claim! However, he always denied any involvement with the film and the rumors seem to have stemmed from his playing a King Kong parody in the never-completed movie, The Lost Island.

In case you’re wondering about the quality of his costumes, here are two pictures of the costume Mr. Gemora constructed for 1941’s The Monster and the Girl. Similarly, here is a picture of the suit he made for 1954’s Phantom of the Rue Morgue. Compare that to these two gorilla pictures. Similarly, compare them to the King Kong costume used in 1986’s King Kong Lives. As you can see, he was truly a man ahead of his time. Castings made from one of his costumes were even used to create a Don Post Halloween mask! In addition to gorilla costumes, he also designed monster costumes for films like The War of the Worlds and I Married a Monster from Outer Space.

To learn more about Mr. Gemora and his creations, please visit this article from Monster Kid online magazine and’s interview with his daughter.