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The Onion News Network: Halloween Edition

Although I’m more partial to its AV Club spin-off, I do enjoy the occasional Youtube video by The Onion every now and again. Don’t let the quality of The Onion Movie fool you, the writers are capable of some hilarious stuff when they don’t need to fill out a feature film’s running time. So when I saw these Halloween “news stories,” I knew I had to share them for the countdown. So, straight from the Onion’s official Youtube channel, please enjoy:

Weekly Weird News

Google Books never ceases to amaze me. Not only has it been a boon to the Local’s horror research, but it also has full uploads of The Weekly World News back issues from its now-defunct print edition. Now you can finally read the infamous tabloid like you’ve always secretly wanted to, but were too embarrassed to do so at the supermarket!

In honor of the season, let’s take a quick look at some particularly Halloween-related content. First up is this two page spread featuring a “Horrorscope of Evil.” The October 17th, 2005 edition features a wealth of Halloween goodies, like stories about an exercising exorcist and Frankenswine monster, a vampire knowledge test and a cut-out “Bat Boy” mask.

But those aren’t the paper’s only horror connections. Not only does the Wikipedia entry for the former editor-in-chief list the numerous horror projects he has worked on, but the now-deceased founder of the horror magazine/website Scarlet Street used to write the Weekly World News “Miss Adventure” columns!