Monthly Archives: December 2008

Happy Horrordays!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates in November and December. The reason for this is because my computer got infected with a nasty type of malware known as a “krueger.” Yes, as in “Freddy Krueger.” Due to its ability to replicate itself no matter how many times I tried to remove it, I was forced to reformat my computer. Unfortunately, I was in contact with the other members of the GdL, so they were at risk of infection. For obvious reasons, we chose not to do any more posts until we were completely sure that all our computers were uninfected. Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to do more updates in 2009.

As a special gift to our loyal readers, here’s a clip from Christmas Evil:

To anyone wanting to see the rest of the movie, I recommend the director’s cut DVD released by Synapse Films. I’ve also heard that FEARnet is playing the movie this month.